Two for the Show realfolk

1. Dancing on the Edge (2:36) Ellen Schmidt
2. Music for a Found Harmonium/ Spotted Pony (2:17) trad.
3. Another Day (2:18) Jake Kensinger
4. Fascination (3:47) Jean R. Davis & F.D. Marchetti
5. On the Sunny Side of the Street (2:40) Dorothy Fields & Jimmy McHugh
6. Cowboy Waltz (2:12) trad.
7. Home (3:12) Ellen Schmidt

Jake Kensinger: Vocals, Guitar, Arrangements
Ellen Schmidt: Vocals, Bass

Accompanied by:

Hanake Cassell: Fiddle
Julie Dougherty: Vocals
Russell Lane: Percussion
Sally McKnight: Hammered Dulcimer
Mark Michaels: Guitar
Steve Sadler: Dobro, Mandolin, Arrangements
Paula Sinclair: Vocals

Produced by Two for the Show & Steve Sadler

Engineered by Steve Friedman at Melville Park Studio, Boston
Premastering by Steve Friedman, Melville Park Studio, Boston
Mastering by Henk Kooistra, 9West Mastering, Marlborough, MA
Cover Photo by Jake Kensinger, Back Photo by Ed Nute, Tray Photo by John Bridie Murphy

Layout, Design, and Duplication by ADA Framingham, MA

Special Thanks

Allan Schmidt and Chris Farrow for their encouragement and support; the great musicians - Mark, Steve, Hanake, Sally, Paula, Julie, and Russell;Howard Cannon and Steve Friedman for their humor, patience, and wisdom;and the whole gang at the Colonial Inn Open Mike

Copyright 1998 Jake Kensinger & Ellen Schmidt