Ellen Schmidt Soul of a Child

1. He Was From Texas, She Was From Maine (2:17)
2. How Can We Say Goodbye (3:16)
3. Soul of a Child (0:00)
4. I Love the Way You Make Me Feel (2:59)
5. Diggin’ in the Dirt (2:54)
6. The Melody is You (3:52)
7. Inches and Pride (4:28)
8. A Trip to the Zoo (2:54)
9. Waitin’ for You (2:13)
10. Miss You (3:28)
11. Home (3:32)
12. Home Cookin’ (3:08)

Ellen F. Schmidt: Vocals

Seth Connelly: Banjo,Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Hammered Dulcimer, Keyboard, Mandolin, Percussion, Ukulele, Arrangements

Accompanied by:

Patrick Gallagher: Harmonica
Al Gould: Fiddle
Jake Kensinger: Vocals
Billy Novick: Clarinet & Saxes, Horn Arrangements on "I Love The Way You Make Me Feel" and "Home Cookin’"
Wendy Santis: Vocals

Produced and Engineered by Seth Connelly at Humming Lake Studio, Brookline, N.H.
Premastering by Steve Friedman at Melville Park Studio, Boston
Mastering by Henk Kooistra at 9West Mastering, Marlborough, MA

All Songs Written by Ellen Schmidt ©1990 - 1997

Photos by
Bill Santis:Sophie, Ceci, and Jessica Santis - my granddaughters
Sue Connelly: Seth Connelly
John Bridie Murphy: me

Special Thanks to

Ross Lilly for his loan of percussion equipment; Sue Connelly for her encouragement , engineering assistance, and photography; Al, Billy, Jake, Patrick, and Wendy, who enhanced the album with their music; Jake who has shared so much music with me for the past eight years; Steve Rapson, who encouraged me to keep writing; Steve Friedman who gave me all that studio experience and good advice; my family who have loyally supported me - especially my husband Allan who has quietly nurtured my spirit and kept me on course; all my friends that I’ve met through life, teaching, and music - thank you all.

To Seth

You believed in me from the beginning and you took my songs and made them so beautifully accessible to the listener. This journey with you has been profoundly spiritual. Thank you!

Copyright 1998 Ellen F. Schmidt